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We know it’s important for you to make friends and feel like you belong.

Many people know that Life Group activity is vital to their personal growth as Christians. The church began with a small group structure. The apostles were writing their letters to groups of small gatherings, who studied and matured together, to witness their faith to those they lived amongst.

We don’t live in the same environment – the church as we experience it today is simply not the same. Small groups are integral to our church and we would love you to be a part. Our latest church survey suggests that what we do now, we do fairly well, and life-group experience for those that attend is good. But as church we want everyone achieving personal growth and progress. So how are you doing in this space?

Could a Life Group be your next step? It is here that many people get close support, encouragement, challenge and spiritual growth – from their peers and friends – in a friendly and safe environment. Potentially, small groups can offer a richer and more genuine “church” experience of believing and growing together – and reaching out to those around them. We welcome you to reflect on your own journey and needs, and to consider if it’s time to seek being part of a small Life Group?

Contact the office for more information about the various Life Groups East Taieri Church has: [email protected]